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About Western Tax Alliance

Payroll Tax Collections Representation for Construction and Trade Contractors



“Every contractor deserves a second chance when dealing with the IRS. Our specialized team will help them get back on track and serve as true tax Business Partners to help them succeed. Stronger together!”

Jacob Merkley, EA – Founding Partner


We are tax Business Partners for construction and trade contractors. We are a distributed team that are licensed to practice before the Internal Revenue Service.


We specialize in 941 payroll tax collection representation and tax strategy. We remove the stress of dealing with the IRS and help get your business back on track.


We believe in second chances; its really that simple. We also believe in keeping the force of the IRS in check and giving each business a chance to get back on track without crippling the business.

“Stronger Together”

Its not just our motto, but our way of life.

We know your job keeps you busy all hours of the day. But the IRS is keeping you up all hours of the night! Don’t lose another sleepless night by fighting the IRS on your own. We are stronger together!

Why Choose Us?

There are many in the tax resolution arena that you can pick to be your payroll tax practitioner. So why choose our team to help you through this difficult time?


We only serve contractors! Further, we only work in the payroll tax space. Our knowledge, tactics, and ability to produce quality resolution outcomes is greatly enhanced with us intimately knowing contractor businesses.


Every person you talk to here at Western Tax Alliance is a licensed professional, able to represent you in front of the IRS. Only Enrolled Agents, CPA’s, and tax attorneys are licensed, and we abide by that rule (unlike some competitors).


Our team of experts know how to navigate the IRS Revenue Code to provide tax solutions ethically and legally. There is wiggle room within the Revenue Code and we will ethically and legally wiggle through the rules for your benefit.


As a whole, the tax resolution industry can be scammy about fees and the work that will be done. That doesn’t happen here. We are honest with our quote (no re-writes). We also complete an investigation and analysis first to know exactly what needs to be done with your case. Full transparency will be found here.


Giving specific guarantees regarding tax resolution outcomes is highly unethical (most firms do this!). Every case is unique and resolution outcomes vary based on individual circumstances. We cannot guarantee results, but we can guarantee you will be represented fairly, ethically, and professionally.

Meet Our Team

A lean team, built to serve.

We are your tax business partners.

Jacob Merkley, Enrolled Agent
Jacob Merkley, EA – Mesa, Arizona
Founding Partner
Entrepreneur | Author | Husband & Father

Jacob is a licensed Enrolled Agent, legally licensed to represent taxpayers before the IRS. His formal education includes a bachelor’s in accounting and master’s in business administration (MBA). After being personally trained by a team of mentors who have more than 100 years of experience in the tax resolution industry, Jacob started Western Tax Alliance. Jacob and his wife are currently raising a growing family in Arizona.

Sam Winthrop, EA
Sam Winthrop, EA – Denver, Colorado
Client Account Manager
People lover | Tax Enthusiast | Proud Dog Owner

Sam is a licensed Enrolled Agent with the Internal Revenue Service and our Client Account Manager. He received a Bachelors in Psychology and has worked with in sales departments for several Fortune 500 companies. He got into the tax resolution work by happenstance and has been working in the industry for the last two years. Sam is a learner of all things, is a proud owner of two dogs (Kody and Eno) and resides in Denver Colorado.

Irene Suzasu – Everrett, Washington
Administrative Assistance
Seattle Mariner’s Fan | Outdoor Lover | Always Helping

Irene is the lifeline here at WTA! She helps us with anything administrative and is the rock to our foundation. She has been working in the professional services industry, with a variety of companies, for the last 17 years. She has a particular knack for keeping calendars straight and the entire team loves her! As a Seattle Mariner’s fan, she spends much of her free time watching baseball games and keeping up with the team. Any extra time is spent outside in the beautiful Washington weather.

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We are the contractor tax resolution industry experts of choice. Don’t let the IRS ruin your business. We are stronger together.

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