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Take Action – A Simple Step to Change the Future

Written by Jacob Merkley on May 15, 2020

Your Business Future

It is no secret that the current COVID-19 economy we find ourselves in is challenging. Never before have we had so much going on at one time.  Even in the midst of the meltdown in 2008-2009, we didn’t see anything like this.

So how do businesses continue to function, given the current economic climate?

Simple. They continue to generate income and find new business.

Generate Income and Find New Business

That seems almost inherently redundant since you started your construction or trade contractor business to generate income (and a living) for you and for others. And you do that by finding new business.

But in the midst of a crisis, businesses can become susceptible to being consumed with things that take them off the right path.

Action or paralysis?

They can be bombarded with so much information that it becomes easy to stop taking action. It becomes easy to succumb to analysis by paralysis.

The right path is to get back to doing things that will generate income.

Waiting…Watching…And More Waiting…

There are far too many folks simply waiting for something to happen and making the excuse of “no one is doing anything for me”.

That seems far too passive and simply too apathetic.

If you had no choice but to make a sale today because your life depended on it, would you? Could you? Of course you would.

In moments of critical need, we can be our own catalyst for what needs to be done. You need to be the generator. You need to be the catalyst. Stop waiting around clear signs from Heaven to know what to do.

As the business owner, you should be the cause, not the effect. The current COVID-19 challenge can’t make you a victim. When you make the choice to take action (and yes it is a choice), you move immediately way from being the victim, to being a creator.

And isn’t that what business is all about?

A Change in Mentality

Changing your mentality is the first start to getting back on the right path.

Today, start by reaching out to every one of your clients to see how you and your company can serve them.

Whether your team is providing residential plumbing services, or doing commercial electrical work, chances are, a lot of the people you reach are trying to get their businesses or lives jump started too. With just a little creativity on your part, you can be the one who does it for them.  

It might be as simple as making a referral or as complex as signing a long-term contract for new service. Whatever it is, you’ll never know if you aren’t doing something. Taking action. And specifically taking action to creating new business.

If you’ll only do this one thing (calling clients), you’ll be amazed at how your action will instantly create more action.

Every one of those calls brings with it the chance for sales and more calls.  

All brought about by action.  

End the “Victim” Mindset

This week, try the tip we shared. Reach out to clients. “How can I help?” No matter what contracting line of business you are in, this will create future business for you.

Future business is the best solution for a lack of business today from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Let this be the week you end the “victim” mindset that’s gripping the world. Take simple steps of action to get back on the right path to future income and busienss prosperity.


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