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PPP Loan program vs PPPFA

PPP Forgiveness Application (Get it Right) 

The Small Business Administration who is running the PPP Loan Program released the official forgiveness calculation form that you should use to apply […]

PPP Loan program vs PPPFA


Have you been confused about the differences between the PPP and PPPFA? They are similar and different in their own ways. Let's review each and make sure that you […]

Which one are you?

Which One Are You? 

I want to take a break from the traditional weekly editions of Your Tax Blueprint. Instead of sharing helpful payroll tax debt topics, strategies, guides, and [...]

A Quick business hack

A Quick Business Hack for Every Construction & Trade Contractor Out There 

In this Coronavirus era, a lot of people continue to be nervous about the economy, the stock market, the real estate markets, etc. People are also wary about how various [...]

The Cares Act: What does it mean for you?

CARES Act Tax Breaks? 

The CARES Act. Wow... the business landscape has changed. With the passing of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) act, things are [...]

Your Business Future

Take Action – A Simple Step to Change the Future 

It is no secret that the current COVID-19 economy we find ourselves in is challenging. Never before have we had so much going on at one time. Even in the [...]

COVID-19 Stimulus Scams

COVID-19 Stimulus Scams (Beware!) 

As the global fear of COVID-19 continues to increase, one big challenge we are seeing is one of the oldest in the book. Scams! Just like the IRS scams that consistently creap in every [...]

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