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Pros and Cons of Currently Not Collectible (CNC) Status 

During the payroll tax debt resolution process, the financial analysis might show that you have several financial hardship within your construction or [...]

Filing and Deposit Dates

Important Filing and Deposit Dates You Cannot Forget      

If you forget to file a tax return or deposit payroll taxes, you can be in a world of hurt. The IRS can now do some nasty things to you legally. I often get questions [...]

Offer in Compromise Program: Most don't qualify...

The Reality: Most Don’t Qualify for an Offer in Compromise 

Let's unearth a common lie that tax resolution professionals slam down prospective clients throats. I'm referring to the "pennies on the dollar" advertising that you [...]

PPP loan got you in knots?

PPP Loans Got You Tied Up in Knots? 

PPP Loans. Did you receive on? If so, you need to read through this article. But first, we need to admit something... In general, we aren't big fans of the Federal Government [...]

Time Components

Time Components: Is Time On Your Side or the IRS? 

When reviewing your tax resolution case, there are several time components that you should be aware of. After all, just about everything the IRS can do [...]

Yes You Do Have Rights

TaxPayer Rights (What You Should Be Aware of) 

You have many rights as a U.S. taxpayer that you may not be aware of. The IRS has a Taxpayer Bill of Rights that you should be aware of as you take on your tax case [...]

What COVID-19 means for your 941 payroll tax debt

What COVID-19 Means for Your 941 Payroll Tax Debt 

COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus has wreaked havoc throughout the world. Our thoughts and prayers go out to every individual and family across the globe. We hope […]

The nasty things the IRS can do to you

Nasty Things the IRS Can Do to You (Top 4) 

The IRS has a lot of power when it comes to enforced collection, especially with employment Trust Fund taxes. The fundamental reason is because the Trust Fund […]

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