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What Happens when you don't file a payroll return?

What Happens When You Don’t File a Payroll Return? 

After ensuring that your employees get paid, the next step is to make sure you make a timely federal tax deposit. You do that based on a semi-weekly or monthly [...]

Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

Everything You Need to Know about the TFRP (The Big Whammy) 

The Trust Fund Recovery Penalty allows the IRS to legally pierce through the corporate veil and make you personally liable for payroll taxes that are owed. For those […]

Time Components

Time Components: Is Time On Your Side or the IRS? 

When reviewing your tax resolution case, there are several time components that you should be aware of. After all, just about everything the IRS can do [...]

Penalty abatements

Penalty Abatements and How to Talk to the IRS 

For those that do not comply with the tax law, penalties help shape a conversation about voluntary compliance and encourages self-assessment and taxpayer […]

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