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If you are a construction or trade contractor who owes payroll taxes to the IRS, then please read this entire page, because it contains an exclusive offer to help you resolve your tax debt and save money.

Jacob Merkley, EA

My name is Jacob Merkley and I’m a licensed Enrolled Agent (EA) living in a suburb of Phoenix, AZ. In the last few years I’ve discovered a way to help construction and trade contractors get free from payroll tax debt by using a very strategic approach to tax resolution. The biggest benefit of this strategic approach is that it saves you money by relying on the very basic idea that…

You Should Only Have To Pay For The Exact Help That You Need!

Which, honestly, is radical for my industry.

Most tax-firms will make you pay a “lump-sum” for their entire service, rather than let you pay only for what you need. They force everyone down a single path, whether they owe 2 million or 5 thousand.

In other words, they don’t let you “discover your options.”

I plan to change this. And even though my idea is simple, it returns the power back to your hands to get the exact help that you need without all the fluff and runaround that you typically find from other scammy tax resolution professionals.

If I have caught your attention so far, give me just a few minutes and I’ll explain everything.

Look, the IRS is no joke.

They are by far the worst people to owe money to.

Especially if you owe them payroll taxes, which is the day-to-day operating money for the Federal Government!

If you haven’t withheld payroll taxes, or withheld them but didn’t deposit them to the U.S. Treasury, congratulations — you have just become enemy number one of one of the most powerful collection institutions in the richest country on earth.

At the end of the day, the IRS just wants their money back.

Even if you only owe them a few thousand dollars, they will go out of their way to make your life really hard. Even if only as a deterrent for other future debtors.

If you owe them money, here are just a few of the legal things they can do to you…

  • Put a lien on your business assets or property. This information goes on the public record and your creditors will know about it.
  • Levy your property, so that they have a legal right to seize your things.
  • Pierce the corporate veil and make you personally responsible for a tax debt through the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty.
  • And much more…

At its worst, the IRS can put you out of business and make you liable for thousands of dollars of debt. In less serious cases, your reputation can take a huge hit.

Before you can resolve any issue with the IRS, you have to know two things:

  1. Exactly what you owe (your tax liability)
  2. Exactly what you can pay (the state of your finances)

Whatever you want to do — remove a lien, file an appeal, negotiate a payment plan, etc. — it all starts here.

And this is exactly what our Discover Your Options™ Strategy Session is all about. We identify the root problem, talk through the tax resolution process, and answer your questions.

Then, you will put our licensed team to work conducting the Research Phase™ where we will:

  1. File the necessary paperwork with the IRS to discuss your case with them
  2. Obtain a temporary collections hold to give you time to work things out
  3. Obtain account transcripts and other information about your tax case
  4. And assemble a full financial package for you

We will then provide a Report of Findings, recommend a specific tax resolution option, and provide a quote for resolving your exact problem.

What the Discover Your Options™ Strategy Session is NOT

  • A high pressure sales experience – We take a consultative approach to helping business owners get free from underneath the IRS. No fluff, no fishy sales tactics here.
  • A quote for the full resolution package – We will only be quoting you for the Discover Phase™ so we can identify the exact help you need to reach resolution with the IRS.

For once, you can get honest tax advice that is specific to your case from a licensed professional that has a listen first, advise second mentality.

Start the process today to:

Obtain relief from the daily struggle of cash flow

Remove the stress from dealing with the IRS

Potentially save your business and livelihood from being swallowed up in your payroll tax debt

Obtain relief from liens that have been filed on your business property and assets

Help protect personal assets and property from the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty

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