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Services Tailored for Construction and Trade Contractors

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Payroll Tax Resolution Specific Services

While many contractors run their businesses similarly, each and every tax resolution case will be unique. However, while the specifics of your case will be unique, the natural flow of your case will likely follow the three step pattern illustrated below. Each case may also include individual components (see the one-off service section below).


Investigation of Liability &
Financial Analysis

We pull your IRS account transcripts, analyze them to discover current issues with your debt, and then complete a full financial analysis to determine eligibility for resolution options.


Full Payroll Tax Resolution Representation

All required work for the specific resolution program will be completed (filing missing tax returns, submitting financial packages, negotiating the best resolution options, etc.)


Trust Fund Recovery Penalty Representation

We then provide representation assistance through the 4180 interview for each potentially liable person, as well as personal tax resolution representation for each person involved.

One-Off Tax Collection Representation Services

Lien Withdrawal, Subordination & Discharges

If the IRS currently has a public lien in place, we can help negotiate a withdrawal, subordination, & discharge of that lien based on your situation.

941 Payroll Tax Filings

For current payroll tax representation clients, we offer to continue doing your 941 payroll tax filings to provide compliance peace of mind.

State and Local Payroll Taxes

If you have a federal 941 payroll tax issue, you might have a state or local payroll tax issue as well. We can resolve all three at the same time.

Ongoing Payroll Tax Support Packages

For current payroll tax collections representation clients, we offer the following ongoing support packages to provide peace of mind, accountability, and protection from the IRS after we have helped you with your tax resolution case. In almost all resolution situations, even one missed tax filing or late payroll tax deposit can make your resolution agreement null and void. The full force of the IRS can come rushing back in. Don’t let that happen, by hiring our team to handle it for you.

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Provides peace of mind, accountability, and protection from the IRS after resolution.

IRS 941 Account Monitoring

Ongoing Power of Attorney Support



Provides peace of mind from the IRS + ongoing 941 & 940 compliance after resolution.

IRS 941 Account Monitoring

Ongoing Power of Attorney Support

Quarterly 941’s Filed

Annual 940 Tax Filing

Business Credit Protection

Annual Analysis & Expense Reduction Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your prices for your payroll tax resolution specific services and one-off services?

Answer: It depends. We realize that other tax resolution companies quote fees for the full service at the very beginning of the relationship. The problem with that is they are quoting you without all the facts and circumstances of the businesses payroll tax situation, which is difficult to quote on the spot. It’s common for those companies to come back afterwards and charge additional fees.

In order to evaluate your case and give you an accurate quote, we need to obtain in-depth information from the IRS and from you regarding your situation. We’ll file all the necessary documents with the IRS, try to get a temporary collections hold to work things out, as well as obtain the account transcripts on file for your situation. Then we will assemble a full financial package to assess your personal situation. This process is called an Investigation of Liabilities and Financial Analysis. 

We’ll then return with a report of findings, a customized action plan, and a full accurate quote to resolve the tax debt problem. The amount that you paid for the Investigation of Liabilities and Financial Analysis then becomes a credit towards representation for 30 days.

Ready to have our team get started? Hiring our team to discover your resolution options:

If I have not worked with you through collections representation, can I work with you on one-off services?

Answer: Yes. If you need lien or Trust Fund Recovery Penalty specific representation, we can assist you as long as you are a general, sub, or trade contractor. However, we do not provide ongoing 941 filings or support for those that we did not represent through the tax resolution process.

What is included in the Investigation of Liability and Financial Analysis?

Investigation of Liability:

In this step we look at your IRS account transcripts to determine how you can become current and compliant with the IRS, determined what tax returns need to be filed, what the Assessment Statute of Expiration date (ASED) and Collection Statute of Expiration date (CSED) are with specific tax periods, identified any appeals opportunities, any SFRs that need to be replaced (or not replaced), and substitute returns that need to be prepared.

Financial Analysis:

It is best to think of tax resolution as a very similar process to applying for a mortgage loan. In essence, you’re applying for a government loan to pay back some or all of your tax debt. You will need to provide much of the same financial information to us as you would to a bank. We will then use that information to create a financial “package” that is required by the IRS to determine eligibility with respect to resolution options.

**To get additional details about the Investigation of Liability and Financial Analysis and how it fits inside the tax resolution puzzle, see: Tax Resolution Process

Can you provide details regarding the ongoing payroll tax packages?


  • IRS 941 Account Monitoring & Ongoing POA Support – We provide peace of mind, accountability, and protection from the IRS. We pull updated transcripts to check for payments, accruals of new tax debt, making sure federal tax deposits are being submitted on time, and advising on notices and compliance matters.
  • Quarterly 941 Filings – Keeping with the trend of peace of mind, we’ll file each of your quarterly 941 filings to make sure you stay current and compliant.
  • Annual 940 Filing – Annually, we’ll file Form 940, the FUTA unemployment filing.
  • Business Credit Protection – Since you have gone through a dramatic experience with the IRS, we’ll protect you against other business credit issues as you get back on your feet.
  • Annual Analysis & Expense Reduction Consulting – If the IRS notices a massive change in income or expenses (they do check every once in a while), they can request a new 433-B and examine the debt all over again. Our annual financial analysis and expense reduction consultation allows us to protect your resolution agreement with the IRS by safeguarding you against the IRS reversing that agreement. Additionally our team of experts can help identify unneeded business expenses as a 3rd party viewer of your business.
Who do we work with?


We help construction and trade contractors with payroll tax debts in the following sub-industries:

  • General & Sub Contracting
  • Plumbing & HVAC
  • Electrical
  • Roofing
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
  • Excavation, Concrete, & Land Development
  • Welding
  • Remodeling
  • Drywall
  • Framing
  • Flooring
  • And more…

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